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Media Relations Center

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One of the best values an independent insurance agent brings to their community is expertise. 

That knowledge, both before and during difficult times, is something we should be proud to share. ​Big I New York wants to help you develop relationships with your local media outlets so they turn to you for stories with an insurance aspect.​

Before jumping in, there are two things you need to remember:
  • Localize and personalize!  Journalists are looking for stories to tell that will matter to their local viewer, listener, or reader. Share real, authentic stories related to information they need. 
  • We are always here to help. Need more guidance? Help understanding these resources? Contact our marketing and communications department.


For consumer facing stories, Trusted Choice®is the brand we want them to remember and seek out to find an agent in their area. It is impo​​​rtant that we use the Trusted Choice logo in all communication materials NOT the Big I NY logo or your local association logo.​

Here is the standard Trusted Choice® logo to share with media outlets:

Web Based Logos:


​Print Based Logos:



The secret to a good press release is to be brief, concise and include 1 to 2 main quotes. Don't try to 'sound smart' in your press release. Use professional but relaxed language. If you're stuck, remember that Big I New York often sends press releases. Once you establish contacts, it would be great for you to forward those releases along.​

Tip: Read it out loud. Would you say it that way to a friend or co-worker? If not, rework it.

Sample Press Release Template​


Each local association should have one main contact person to work with the media. This person should be friendly, responsive and detailed. They will be 'in-the-know' at all times of what is being said by their local to the media. This may, or may not be the spokesperson. ​


Your relationship with local media can make the difference in being included in a story, or not. Here are a few tips: 

  • ​Respond promptly when they call, they may be under tight deadline
  • Be warm and courteous - always!​
  • Give factual information in the format they need.  If you are unsure about a topic, let them know you will get the correct answer and respond asap
  • Be on the same page with your team.  You don't want two people saying two different things 
  • Make sure your board knows you will be talking to the media, your topic and angle and who will be the spokesperson for that issue
  • What makes a good spokesperson?
    • ​​Credible, relaxed, comfortable, able to think and respond on their feet 
    • Make sure spokesperson is well breifed and has full understanding of the Trusted Choice brand.  They should be able to describe what the brand represents in 1-2 sentences
  • Always follow up with a Thank You
  • Follow all their social media channels and share and respond to posts
*Please let Big I New York know about the relationships you are establishing.


Tips & Talking Points by Issue:

*The Insurance Information Institute also has great statistics, facts and figures.​​