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Professional Development. Networking. Community.

Do you want to grow professionally, create relationships, and participate in volunteer activities within our community?



NextGen is a group of young insurance pros who come together to network, grow skills and give back to our communities.

We are the rising leaders of our channel with a commitment to strengthening our ability to serve agencies and customers for years to come. We are a  professional skills development and networking group open to individuals under 40 years old, or those who are new to the independent insurance industry. We offer opportunities for CE credit career-enhancing professional development sessions, fun networking events, and give back to our community regularly.

Membership is open to anyone involved in or supporting the insurance industry, including all agency and company personnel!

Through NextGen, young professionals are finding their purpose, discovering endless opportunities for growth, engaging with their local and state-wide communities, and falling in love with the insurance industry all over again.

Ready to get involved with NextGen? Membership is open to anyone involved in or supporting the insurance industry (including all agency and company personnel). Get started here.


Your NextGen Leadership Team


Carrie Shaw
2022 Joel S Pollock Award Recipient

carrie-shaw.jpegAshley Smit
Borg & Borg
2018 Joel S Pollock Award Recipient
2020 Huntington Township 30 under 30 Award For Young Professionals

carrie-shaw.jpegAshley Engl
Jencap Specialty Insurance Services

2016 Joel S Pollock Award Recipient
Past President WNY 2019-2021

carrie-shaw.jpeg Brandon Conway
Borg & Borg

carrie-shaw.jpeg Craig Bender
The Archdeacon Agency
2021 Joel S Pollock Award Recipient

tv.jpg Tawnia Vermette
Blue Line Agency

carrie-shaw.jpegLuke Feehan
Feehan Insurance Agency

carrie-shaw.jpegBrian Durkin
Acrisure - The Flanders Group