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​NextGen is a group of under 40 (ish) insurance pros who come together to network, grow skills and give back to our communities.

​We are the rising leaders of our channel with a commitment to strengthing our ability to serve agencies and customers for years to come.

Sound like you? Join us!

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Allison Just
Meeting & Governance Manager Phone: 800.962.7950 EXT: 249​​  

What We Offer

  • ​​Training sessions & seminars
  • Fun networking events
  • Volunteer activities in your community
  • Opportunities to participate in National Big "I" Young agents events​

Wear our logo with pride!

Put the Next Gen logo on your favorite apparel! Order items from the Big I NY Lands End e-store and pay just $5.95 to add an embroidered logo.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help NextGen groups fulfill their mission while you gain fresh relationships with the best and brightest rising leaders in the area. Contact Allison​
What are you waiting for? ​ Join us!​

Stay connected! See below for local NextGen social channels:

NextGen Buffalo - Facebook   NextGen Buffalo​ - LinkedIn​