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Government & Regulations


Government & Regulations

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Advocacy Day 2020

Watch the wrap up video and read about our day in Albany.

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VIDEO: January 2020 Legislative Update

Learn about the NYS FY2021 Executive Budget proposal.

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Now more than ever, we need your support!

Invest in YOUR future by contributing to our state and federal PACs.

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From legislative matters to company initiatives, Big I NY has your back in Albany & Washington DC.

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2020 Position Paper

We have pledged to work aggressively to address the many issues that confront us.

2018 Legislative Wrap Up

What we worked on in 2018 and looking ahead.

The Action Center

View current campaigns, track key bills, look up contact info for your elected officials, and more!

Read our Blog

Stay up-to-date by reading our advocacy blog.

 From the Blog

People + Money = Power

If we want to punch above our weight in Albany, we need to supercharge our political action committee.
These funds are critical to helping build and maintain relationships with powerful lawmakers in key positions.


Want to learn the basics of how the NYS Government works? What about grassroots advocacy tactics?
In the videos below, Scott will take you through all you need to know. 

While we encourage watching his presentations for the best learning experience, we've also provided the PDF notes for download in case you're in a pinch.

Looking for more? Contact our team:

scott.hobson.jpgScott Hobson, MPA
AVP of Government Relations