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Useful tips, resources and common vendors for you to consider while researching your important systems & software solutions.


Kathleen Glahn, AAM
VP of Operations & Information Systems | Phone: 800.962.7950 EXT: 253​

Agency Management Systems

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Common Vendors & Their User Groups*:

Agency AdvantageAgency Software, Inc. (Agency Pro)Agency MatrixAgency Systems - NewtonApplied Systems Inc.Applied Client NetworkEzLynxEvolution Agency Management, LLCGBS (Agency Expert for Windows)HawkSoftStrategic Insurance SoftwarePartner User CommunityVerunaVertafore, Inc.AMS360 (Vertafore)QQCatalyst (Vertafore)NetVU User Group (Vertafore)VRC Insurance Systems, Inc.Xanatek, Inc.XDimensional Technologies (Nexsure)

*Please note that Big I New York and IAAC do not endorse any of these products unless otherwise indicated.


Agents Council for Technology

​​​Agents Council for Technology (ACT) wants to help keep you informed on the strategic trends that will drive future consumer expectations and business opportunities.​


​Carrier Contract Addendums

​​The proliferation of separate technology contracts for independent agencies and brokerages has created quite a problem. In many cases we find contradictory provisions between the technology contract and the agency contract.
More troubling is the “click through” agreements that are frequently required to access carrier web sites or data bases. Many agencies and brokerages are inadvertently altering their ownership of expirations and work product agreements and in some cases opening themselves up to not being able to defend against E&O claims. 
We've worked hard with our attorneys to create an addendum for agents and brokers to tender to their carriers to make it clear that the agency agreement controls the relationship. We have prepared the addendum for use in two ways:​

Signed:  The preferred use would be to tender the addendum to your carrier with your signature and a place for the carrier’s signature and return to you.


UnsignedThe other way we have prepared it is for you to simply provide the addendum without signatures for addition to your agency contract.

You can access the agreements and prepare one for each of your carriers. We suggest you send the agreement to your carrier using the letter provided or some similar letter.

​​​​​Cybersecurity Vendors​

Cybersecurity Vendor Directory

Download this directory of cybersecurity solution providers to identify firms that can help you comply with New York Regulation 23 NYCRR 500.

Please note: The companies in this document are listed as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Big I New York and their directors and officers of any of the products, services or opinions of the companies. Big I New York and their directors and officers bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the services provided. Contact the companies for answers to questions regarding their services.​


Document Management / Imaging Software

​​​A document management software solution should have a way to store multiple types of electronic files (images, photos, audio, video, e-mail, pdf, word documents, spread sheets etc). Please keep all these formats in mind when reviewing the above products. Your agency should have a centralized location (easy way) to find any type of electronic file.


Common Vendors*:​

DocSTARetfileiChannel (by Blue Goose Technology Solutions Inc.)QUESTSYS SolutionsPaperPort (by Nuance)WorkSmart (Vertafone)

*Please note that Big I New York and IAAC do not endorse any of these products unless otherwise indicated.​​


​​Electronic Signatures​

​Common Vendors*:

Adobe EchoSignCICContractuallyContractPalDocusignEsign SystemsGoPaperless Solutions, Inc.InsurSignRightSignatureRPostSilanis

*Please note that Big I New York and IAAC do not endorse any of these products unless otherwise indicated.​​

E-mail Encryption

​Common Vendors*:

Axway TumbleweedCisco IronportRPostVoltageZixcorp

*Please note that Big I New York and IAAC do not endorse any of these products unless otherwise indicated.​​