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INVEST introduces high school and college students to insurance careers, and you can help.

Share your passion with the next generation to grow the future workforce. 

Its no secret that were facing a real talent crisis in our industry.  To create a flow of qualified candidates, it's critical to plant the seed of insurance careers in young people.  Most students have never considered an insurance career, yet many colleges with an Insurance and Risk Management program, boast employment rates of over 90% for their graduates!  

For more than 45 years, INVEST volunteers have been in the classroom dispelling the age old myth that the insurance industry is old, boring and doesnt lead to a rewarding career. Through hands-on education with a variety of lessons students get an idea of what the insurance industry really is a rewarding and lucrative profession that allows individuals to make a difference.

Learn more about the INVEST program here

Or Contact Jim Lombardo:

jimlombardoJim Lombardo, CPCU, AAI, AIM, MBA
AVP of Learning & Development
800.962.7950 EXT: 226

Looking to get involved with INVEST, but not sure where to start? We've put together some resources below:


If you are manning the booth at a career fair, here are some take-aways to have on hand:


You have your class scheduled and you're ready to present. Congratulations!

If you are going to be working with high-school students, we've collected some videos, websites, documents, etc. that are sure to help you with your presentation. Below are some topics of interest:


your first car:

What Is risk?

  1.  What Is Risk? - Read the Article
  2.  Managing the Risks of Summer Festivals - Watch The Video

career paths in insurance

  1. Insurance Roadtrip - This website is fantastic and will help students learn while using a road trip as the avenue for young people being exposed to varied paths of insurance and various careers available in the insurance industry - Visit the Website

If you are going to be working with college students, we've collected some videos and websites for you to share.


  1. 10 Reasons to Start a Career In Insurance - Watch the Video
  2. InsureMyCareer - Visit the Website
  3. Insurance Careers Month: Jasse - Watch the Video
  4. 5 Reasons I Love My Insurance Career - Read the Article


Are you making a presentation to a teacher and/or a school?  If so, we've collected a few different things for you to use to make your presentation easy peasy.

  1. Our power point presentation will help you pitch INVEST.  Download It Here

  2. We have a letter to the teacher ready for you to send, just fill in a few blanks.  Download It Here

  3. We have the steps to follow when implementing an INVEST Program.  Download It Here

  4. We have a thank you for your time letter ready to go, just fill in a few pieces of information.  Download It Here