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Payroll Services


Payroll Services

Heartland is a payroll solution that won't steal your business.

Did you know other companies are setting aggressive goals to gain big market share in all insurance and benefit lines? In other words, they want your business and they'll do just about anything to get it.

Heartland is different. They won't go after your clients because they play well with everyone. They're friends with trusted advisors (like you). 

Deepen your relationship with your clients by helping them save on their payroll!

  • Your referred clients will receive a 10% discount on payroll processing fees
  • They will enjoy seamless payroll/workers compensation integration "Pay As You Go"
  • Your agency will maintain ownership of expiration on all accounts you refer to Heartland

Heartland Payroll Solutions offers an exclusive Big I New York member program.  Big I NY members receive a minimum 10% discount on payroll processing fees. Your agency maintains ownership of expiration on all accounts you refer to Heartland. They also offer a seamless integration between payroll and workers' compensation premium collection through Big I NY-endorsed partner, PMC Insurance Group.


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