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​Hiring the right team member is critical to your agency's succcess. Our DIY Hiring Kit is the easiest way to walk yourself through the entire hiring process - from the initial job posting to providing an offer letter!​

Big I New York's DIY Hiring Toolkit guides you through the entire hiring process from preparing & launching your search, through screening and ultimately hiring & onboarding your next great team member.


Learn more about the DIY Hiring Kit​

DIY Hiring Toolkit

You need to hire someone exceptional and you want to do it yourself.

Remote Staffing (WAHVE)

Hire an experienced & qualified remote employee.

HR Services

Use a recruiter to help with your hiring needs, with a member discount.

The Hiring Process

Learn the best practices in the hiring process.

Post a Job

Introducing Big I Hires! Build job postings and reach candidates easily.

Guide to Agency Internships

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