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HR Services


HR Resources

Affinity HR Group knows how important it is to hire the right people for your business.

We have developed a comprehensive recruiting package designed to meet all your recruitment-related needs or you may choose from a menu of individual services that complement your own recruitment activities.

Our HR Policies and Procedures services include:​

The Comprehensive Recruiting Package

The comprehensive recruiting package provides complete management of the entire recruitment process, including:

  • Job posting development
  • Professional recruiting and candidate sourcing
  • Complete resume and candidate screening
  • Style Assessments (DISC Profile) on top 3-5 candidates
  • Presentation of final candidates
  • Client Coaching & Interview Preparation
  • Client Interview Debrief
  • On site, in person interviews conducted by Affinity HR
  • Reference Checks
  • Background Checks

Job Posting / Sourcing Candidates

  • Develop job posting
  • Identify best posting sites and advertising locations
  • Post job to relevant job boards, social media, and advertising location
  • Manage and maintain all postings and advertising
  • Compile and maintain database of resumes
  • Track all responses and supply diagnostic reports on results of all advertising

Job Posting Development

  • Develop job posting
  • Identify best posting sites and advertising locations

Resume Screening

  • Review all submitted resumes
  • Forward all qualified candidate resumes​

Client Coaching & Interview Prep

  • Conduct coaching session on best interview practices and tips for success
  • Provide sample behavioral interview questions
  • Provide sample prohibited questions

Candidate Screening

  • Review all submitted resumes against job description
  • Conduct preliminary phone interviews
  • Conduct in-depth behavioral interviews with top 10 candidates
  • Forward top 3-5 candidates with interview summaries
  • Conduct Style Assessment (DISC Profile) for each of top candidates​​

Reference Checks

  • Conduct minimum of 3 reference checks
  • Supply written summary for each reference​

Background Checks​

  • ​Conduct criminal background check on selected candidate​​​​

Job Benchmarking

For key positions and repeat hire positions, job benchmarking takes much of the guess work out of getting the right “fit.” The process provides an in-depth look at what is truly required for the position and ensures a high degree of success when hiring. Included in the benchmarking process is the:
  • Identification of key expectations and accountabiliti​es of position
  • Ranking and weighting of key accountabilities
  • Scoring of key accountabilities using TTI Benchmarking assessment tool to capture the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, personal attributes, behaviors and hard skills required for the position
  • Development of a candidate assessment tool to compare the candidate(s) to the requirements of the position


Exclusive Member Program:

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Claudia St. John

​Need an employee handbook?

​​​Affinity HR Group created templates available exclusively to Big I New York members so you don't have to start from scratch. Custom-designed handbooks are also available. For further information and full pricing, click here.