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Support Your PACs

Thank you for making the First Annual Putt for the PAC so amazing. We look forward to next year.

We had a great day on the greens at Sandstone Hollow at Turning Stone Resort Casino. Lots of fun, networking, and a little friendly competion was had by all.
Thank you to all of our golfers!

Here are the lucky contest winners:​
Closest to the Pin:
Mhairi Bittler of RT Specialty
22 Feet
$50 Visa Gift Card
First Place Team:
Craig Bender & Justin Wood
Score of 22
$100 Visa Gift Card each
Second Place Team:
Luke Feehan, Kevin Cress & Sue Keegan
Score of 23
$50 Visa Gift Card each


Two PACs. Two Reasons.

Big I New York members are called upon to invest in their future by contributing to two funds, one for New York state and one for federal action. Each serves a specific purpose. When you donate to one or both of our political action committees, you know you're helping support the very people who are working to ensure your ease of doing business. You get exclusive support with scheduling legislator meetings in your district, and you recieve special alerts on legislative activities and events. 


Scott Hobson, MPA
AVP of Government Relations | Phone: 518.708.3247

IAPAC - Your State PAC

IAPAC (Independent Agents Political Action Committee) is a non-partisan political action committee established by Big I New York to raise funds for contributions to candidates for elected office in New York State. IAPAC does not contribute to Federal candidates. Its primary function is to spur election of candidates to the New York Legislature who are responsive to the needs of independent agents.

Some of our current issues include:

  • Eliminating the NYC anti-arson application
  • Raising the payroll threshold for the Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention program
  • Protecting the health of our insurance market by cracking down on lawsuit abuse
  • Protecting small businesses from burdensome new mandates and regulations

How to contribute:

IAPAC can accept both corporate and personal checks, online contributions, and Venmo payments.

I'd like to contribute online in the amount of:

$2500  $1000  $500  $250  $99  $50   $25  $10  $5

I'd like to contribute via Venmo:

NOTE: Please put "IAPAC Contribution" so we know what your payment is for.


To contribute any amount, please send the IAPAC contribution form along with your payment to IAPAC in care of:

Big I New York
5784 Widewaters Parkway, 1st Floor
Dewitt, NY 13214

​InsurPAC - Your Federal PAC

InsurPac is the Political Action Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA). This non-partisan political action committee raises funds for contributions to candidates for national office on behalf of independent agents. Contributions support Federal candidates only. InsurPAC is a vital part of the IIABA’s Government Affairs program – a program that includes professional lobbying, legislative analysis, grassroots contacts, and long-term political relationships.

Some of our current initiatives include:

  • ​​Agent licensing reform
  • Federal crop insurance
  • Health care
  • Insurance regulatory reform
  • NFIP and natural disaster risk
  • Taxes
  • Terrorism Insurance

How to contribute:

InsurPAC can only accept personal checks or online contributions. Federal law requires that InsurPAC receive a signed corporate approval form from all corporate agencies before soliciting contributions. Once a form has been signed and filed with the state or national office, contributions from individuals may be solicited and accepted by InsurPAC. Business organization contributions are not permitted. All contributions to InsurPAC must be by personal check.

You can contribute online or send the InsurPAC contribution form along with your payment to InsurPAC in care of:

20 F Street, NW
Suite 610
Washington, DC 20001

​A partnership contrib​ution form is also available.