Oct 18
2019 Workers' Comp Assessment Rate Announced

​The New York State Workers' Compenation Board has announced that the assessment rate for next year will be 12.6% of the standard premium. This is an increase from the 12.1% rate that applies to policies effective in 2018.

State law requires the board to set the rate for each calendar year by November 1 of the previous year. The assessment, which funds the board's expenses, applies to standard premiums on Workers' Compensatin policies or the premium equivalent for employers who are self-insured.

Oct 12
Designations Earned - Congrats!


Big I New York congratulates those who have recently earned designations:

ACSR in Personal Lines:

Jenna Bajdas, Lawley Insurance
Jane Cinquanti, Lawley Insurance
Lori Crandall, Lawley Insurance
Matthew Crawford, Lawley Insurance
Catrina DeCoste, Lawley Insurance
Jillian Garnett, Lawley Insurance
Rose Gonnella, Brown & Brown of NY
Jody Luh, Lawley Insurance
Kathleen McDonnell, Lawley Insurance
Melissa Paone, Lawley Insurance
Amanda Serow, OVIA Insurance Agencies
David Smith, Lawley Insurance
Amy Timmerman, Lawley Insurance
Krista Voigt, Lawley Insurance
Christina Woodrow, Lawley Insurance

ACSR in Life & Health:

Ashley Banaszak, Lawley Insurance
Ashley Engl, Lawley Insurance
Lisa Epstein, Lawley Insurance
Kelsey Fortman, Lawley Insurance
Bonnie Huck, Lawley Insurance
Diane Locantore, Lawley Insurance
Hollie Marshall, Lawley Insurance
Heather Matthews, Lawley Insurance
Chelsea Mazurkiewicz, Lawley Insurance
Nancy Riefenhauser, Lawley Insurance
Carli Weber, Lawley Insurance
Lisa Wende, Lawley Insurance


Kelli Griswold, McNeil & Co.​

If you've earned an ACSR, AAI or AINS designation after January 2018, CONGRATULATIONS! We’d love to hear about it and include it in upcoming issues of Education News. 

Make Big I New York your first call for CE, licensing or technical questions! Visit our education calendar to browse our extensive course listing and sign up for the classes you need.​

Oct 09
Upcoming Designation Courses - 10.09.18

Designation News

The Fall Semester for AAI classes is underway. Don't miss your chance to take a class that won't be offered again until Spring 2021!

AAI 83B The Insurance Production Environment

Gain insight into the relationships between carriers & agents and agencies & wholesalers. The public image of an agency is now more important than ever with so many media types being used, this course will take a look at the media types ​​​​and planning & implementing a campaign. The public image campaign will play right into growing an agency and communicating with your clients. Finally, we'll cover market segments, target, and niche marketing.

5+1 CE (All Licenses except Title Ins. Agents) 
NYCR-245320 - NYCX-245320 (the multiple choice exam is optional, but if you're pursing your AAI designation it's mandatory)

Register now for:

10/16/18 Buffalo

10/17/18 Rochester

10/18/18 Syracuse

11/28/18 Plainview

11/29/18 White Plains

11/30/18 Albany


This class will take you right into the technical aspects of Commercial Crime, the BOP, Equipment Breakdown, D&O, Employment Practices & Employee Benefits, Professional Liability, Environmental, and Workers Compensation.  Dig in and get a deeper understanding of these coverages.

7+1 CE (PC,BR,C3,PA) 
NYCR-236949 - NYCX-236949 (The multiple choice exam is optional, but if you're pursing your AAI designation it's mandatory.)

Register now for:

10/23/18 Plainview

10/24/18 White Plains

10/25/18 Fishkill

11/6/18  Buffalo

11/7/18 Rochester

11/8/18 Syracuse

NYAIP Producer Procedure Course
Whether you're becoming newly certified with the NYAIP or you'd like to get a jump on the upcoming certification renewal, this course will do the trick.

Register now for:

10/30/18 Syracuse

NYAIP Webinar

If you're recertifying or if you've gotten permission from the NYAIP to do a webinar for your new certification (yes, permission is needed for new certification for a webinar-guidelines are no physical class available in your area within 50 miles & 60 days). The 2 day webinar is really convenient.

Register now for:

10/18 & 10/19/18 10-11:45am each day

Oct 09
DEADLINE TODAY: All NYS Employers Must Adopt Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

​​October 9, 2018

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy Facebook (2).jpg
What It Means
Today is the deadline for all New York State employers to formally adopt a workplace sexual harassment prevention policy. The state budget enacted last spring included new measures to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. The law, which had six parts with varying effective dates, required every employer to adopt a model sexual harassment prevention policy developed by the state Department of Labor or one that equals or exceeds the minimum standards provided by the model. Employers must provide copies of the adopted policy to all employees in writing. The deadline for doing this is October 9, 2018 (today.)
Employees are not the only ones protected by workplace sexual harassment prevention requirements. The law requires employers to also protect contractors, subcontractors, vendors, consultants "or other person(s) providing services pursuant to a contract in the workplace" and their employees. 
This policy requirement is separate from the annual employee training requirement. The deadline for the training requirement is October 9 of next year.
What's Next
If your business does not already have a sexual harassment prevention policy statement, you should download and adopt the state's model policy today and distribute it to all of your employees. If your business does already have such a policy, you should compare it to the state's model and revise your policy if it does not include any of the model's provisions, then distribute the revised policy to all employees. Businesses should follow adopted sexual harassment prevention policies in letter and spirit.
Big I Has Your Back
To make this as easy as possible for you, visit the following links provided by the Labor Department:

Oct 05
FREE Social Media Packet: College Coverage with Bonus October Social Graphics


As we learned in this month's E&O Report​, it's important that parents have proper insurance coverage for their children who are away at college. This FREE social media packet helps you start the conversation with 10 graphics you can post online to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and your own website. 

Also included are 5 fun social posts to keep your clients - and potential clients - engaged with you and your company. 

Download my FREE social media packet

To use: download the zip file, unzip, and start posting these graphics on your social media!

Are there any topics/coverages you'd like us to make social media graphics for in the future? Let us know in the comments!

Oct 05
Employers Must Adopt Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy by Oct. 9; Model Available

A recently enacted state law requires all New York employers to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy statement by next week. Those employers who do not already have such a policy must adopt one by Oct. 9, 2018. ​

To help employers comply, the state has provided the following resources:

Oct 04
Western New York: Last Chance for ACSR 6!
Designation News


There's still time to register for the ACSR 6 Commercial Property Insurance classes in your area. These classes won't be offered again until Spring 2020, so click on the links below to find out more and register today!



Oct 03
NYSDFS Proposes Extending Time For Carriers To File TNC Endorsements


The New York State Department of Financial Services today proposed a six-month extension to a special coverage arrangement for vehicles used by drivers for transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft. The proposal was published in the October 3, 2018 issue of New York State Register, the publication for all rule making activities by state agencies.

When the New York State Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo enacted the law in 2017 to legalize TNC operations, the DFS issued regulations to address the insurance requirements. One of those regulations stated that, until Jan. 1, 2019, auto liability coverage under group policies issued to the TNC's would apply on a primary basis to losses occurring when a driver was operating as a TNC driver. The individual driver's liability coverage would apply excess over the group policy's coverage. This is the reverse of the way coverage normally applies. Ordinarily, the vehicle owner's coverage is primary and other coverage is excess.

The DFS adopted this rule in order to give New York licensed insurers to file and obtain regulatory approval for personal auto coverage forms and endorsements that would either provide or exclude coverage for individual TNC drivers.

The amended rule the DFS proposed today would extend that coverage arrangement for six months, until July 1, 2019. According to the notice:

This amendment extends from January 1, 2019 to July 1, 2019 the date until which a group policy must provide that the group policy is primary to give insurers more time to revise and implement their new policy forms. Many insurers waited to start making changes to their motor vehicle liability insurance policy forms to exclude coverage for using or operating a motor vehicle as TNC vehicle until the Department had adopted the final regulation in October 2017. It takes time for an insurer to amend and file its policy forms with and receive approval from the Superintendent, and then for the insurer to actually implement the policy form changes. In addition, the Insurance Law prohibits an insurer from amending the terms of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy mid-contract. Rather, an insurer only may change the terms of an insurance policy upon the renewal date, which is usually annually. Furthermore, the Insurance Law requires an insurer to provide sufficient advance notice to an insured of any changes to the policy terms. Thus, many insurers may not have sufficient time to revise and implement their new policy forms by January 1, 2019.

The department is accepting public comments on the proposed change until Dec. 2, 2018. Adoption or rejection of the rule will follow at an undetermined time following that date.

For more information on TNCs, visit the Ridesharing page in the Technical Answer Center of this website.

Oct 01
UPDATE: Change in NYS deadline for mandatory sexual harassment training


We have been working under the belief that all employers in New York State must complete the first mandatory sexual harassment training between Oct. 9 and Dec. 31, 2018. However, today Gov. Cuomo announced the finalization of the draft required workplace policy and model training program. Among other things, the final version states that the training must be completed by Oct. 9 of next year. This obviously gives our members and their clients a lot more time to comply.

If you have questions, please contact Tim Dodge at 315-432-4229 or tdodge@biginy.org.

Sep 28
Kathleen Rapasadi Installed as President of Big I Western New York

​Congratulations to Kathleen Rapasadi, who was recently installed as the President of Big I Western New York. We look forward to working with her to further the goals of independent agents!





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