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Sep 20
On Mary's Mind: CE Nightmares & Our Prescription

By Mary Byrnes​AAI-M, AU​, Education Department​​

If you need CE and it's on your mind or giving you nightmares, we're great at doing some hand holding.

Honestly, we deal with the need for CE every day, so coming up with a plan that fits your needs is what we can help with.  Whether it's 15 CE or just a few, let us come up with a game plan.  We know which courses will fit your licenses, if you have both property/casualty and the life lines, we'll only tell you about classes or webinars that have either “all licenses" or that specifically fit the licenses you carry.  The same with someone who is licensed in property/casualty or LAH.  We can look up your licensing information to see what you need and when you need it by. 

We'll let you know that for webinars, you'll need to do the attendance checks during the webinar and after the webinar, you must complete and email us the attendance affidavit.  These are both requirements of the NYS DFS.  I'm licensed too, so I take a lot of webinars both for my CE and to provide feedback to you when you call.  So, saying, “This instructor is really great and tells a lot of stories" or “this one is really technical and will break the coverage apart to give a better understanding" etc. is not uncommon. 

You might call and let us know that you want to know more about a specific coverage or something like certificates of insurance or contractor's coverage & exposures, we're happy to recommend a class or webinar that fits the bill.  You'll see each week that we include courses and webinars that are upcoming, we try and give you some idea of what the class or webinar will do for you and maybe why you might even like it. 

So whether you like to attend a class, prefer webinars, or want to go the self-study with an exam (shudder, but an exam will always be required for a self-study course for the CE) route, we'll do our best to set up your plan with whichever way you want or in combination.    All you have to do is call or email.  Let us help figure out your CE plan of attack. 

Here's some licensing information that you might not know.  For INDIVIDUAL licenses (not business licenses), if  you're unable to complete your CE in time for your individual license renewal and it lapses, you can't conduct insurance business with that license until you renew it.  However, if you get your CE in order WITHIN 2 Years of your license expiration date, you can process the reactivation online without needing to take the licensing exam again. You'll have to answer an additional question about whether or not you've conducted insurance under the license since it lapsed. If it's been OVER 2 years, all bets are off, you'll need to sit for the licensing exam again.  Now, we're not recommending you play around with this, it's always best to renew on time.

Don't let your business licenses lapse, they can't be reactivated online.  You'd need to do a paper application to get back in business and it's not a fast process.  Until it's reissued, you'd be out of business for that license. 

Thanks to everyone who's called or emailed to say that they read my info each week, it's really a pleasure to hear from you.  


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