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Jul 17
Fast Five: Jim Lombardo

JIm-Headshot_300x200.jpgGet to know our new AVP of Learning and Development, Jim Lombardo.

​Why does continuing education matter? It is imperative that we as professionals stay up to date on changes, events and topics that could impact our customers. As independent agents we want to ensure our clients get the best, most recent and most comprehensive protections available and we need to stay current in order to offer that.​

Share two past experiences that will help you lead Learning and Development. Well first of all, being an agent for the past twenty plus years- starting an agency, buying an agency, selling an agency will all help me help others. Secondly, I have experience as a company employee- underwriting, marketing, claims and training.

Describe a typical morning.  I get up, have a small cup of coffee, a light breakfast and catch up on the scores from last night's baseball games, the news and emails.

What surprised you in your first week with Big I NY?  I was taken aback by all that we offer- many things I was aware of and utilized but also many more offerings that I didn't know about- I am excited to make sure we incorporate as much as possible into our course offerings.

Any hidden talents?  I can play drums, guitar and banjo.

Bonus round - plug anything you want... (charity, passion, business...anything)  I am very proud of my children's accomplishments, their professions and their ability to think on their own (even though I don't always agree with their position!!...ha ha).


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