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Jun 25
On Our Mind...7 CE Webinar; Virtual Exams; Staying Motivated
​​By Jim Lombardo, CPCU, AAI, AIM, MBA, AVP of Learning & Development​​

As Mark Twain once said, “If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first."

The frog is that one thing you have on your to-do list that you have absolutely no motivation to do and you're most likely to procrastinate on. Eating the frog means to just do it.  Otherwise, the frog will eat you, and you'll end up procrastinating it the whole day.

Once that one task is done, the rest of the day will be an easier ride, and you will get both momentum and a sense of accomplishment at the beginning of your day.

I absolutely love this maxim. Let's look at a few assumptions it makes that are hard to disagree with:

  • There are things you have no incentive to do
  • You will put it off “until later"
  • It may come back to ruin your day
  • You will get a sense of accomplishment.

So, take a look at your “to do" list (I assume you have one?); find the frog, and eat it first thing tomorrow morning!!

Also, this announcement just came from The Institutes regarding exam proctoring:

“The Institutes are offering virtual exams until September 15, 2020. Move forward in your course by taking a virtual exam. You can safely complete your exam from any location with an internet connection, whenever you want, with no appointment needed."​​

 We encourage you to sign up for the following Institutes webinar next month and ABEN extra study sessions later this summer.

ACSR 7 Commercial Liability Insurance​​​

ABEN Agency Errors & Ommissions​ - ACSR 4 - Part 1

ABEN Professional Development ​& Account Management​ - ACSR 5 - Part 1​


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