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Mar 30
On Our Mind: Tips for Working From Home

By Jim Lombardo, CPCU, AAI, AIM, MBA, AVP of Learning & Development​

​Like many others, I have been working from home this past week. Our house is a bit crowded and our routines are obviously off, but we have made it!!! My wife hasn’t asked me to go back to the office ...yet.

That being said, we should all take this time to:

  • Eat healthy- try to establish a diet with a bit more emphasis on fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise – even if you start small- a walk around the neighborhood (just maintain your six feet of distance to the next person!) 
  • Do something different- take a guitar lesson (you’d be surprised what you can find on YouTube), learn how to knit a scarf, build a model car, clean the downstairs closet!!
  • Be productive- have your staff call clients for pre-renewal reviews, scour policies for gaps and endorsement opportunities, work on a cross selling strategy, create a newsletter to send or email to your clients
  • TAKE Continuing Education CLASSES!!! – Big I NY has many, many webinars for you to take from the comfort of your desk or home. AND, The DFS has made it easier for you... they have removed the requirement to have your exam monitored and they have softened their stance on taking CE classes on line.
You can now even renew your license without the 15 hours of CE provided you complete those classes after things settle down. So take the classes now…

Here are some upcoming webinars you may find interesting as well as a link to our full education calendar.

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ABEN There's Only Ethics​

ABEN Risk Mgmt & Insurance-Why Agents Are NOT Risk Managers​

​ABEN Law of Ins Contrac​ts & Rules of Policy Interpretation​

​ABEN Little This a Little That: New Threats & Possibilities​​


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