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Jan 10
Cubicle Girl

​In my cubicle I had a call with a reference today and I asked her about her experience with the LMS. Luckily, she spoke fondly of it and educated me on some of the features that I wasn't aware of. This woman runs a non-profit organization that helps people enact change in the world and fight poverty. It was very interesting hearing her perspective of teaching through a learning management system (LMS). Some of her participants have never used the internet before and they were able to complete the trainings she created with the system. As fascinating as that is, it made me feel really privileged to be able to have access to the internet and education in general. That's something we don't think about often in our day to day lives once we're stuck in a routine.

Today we also took the next steps of contract reading, and debriefing on our next moves to get closer to a module being created. I enjoy seeing all of the teamwork that goes on here and how there are efforts made by multiple people to get things done. This also is the end of my first full week of work in a cubicle and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Having a space to work and spread out all of your papers is helpful and makes life easier when working on projects. Also wanted to thank all of my consistent readers I couldn't have gotten here without all of you! #cubiclestrong #workgrind 


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