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Jan 09
Queen of the Keyboard


The keyboards we have in the office are more dynamic than the ones we use at school. There is a nice bend to them and it makes it easier to have your fingers connect with the keys. I realized today that I can type without looking as much on the keyboard which makes life easier. I typed up all of the interviews that I had over the past week so that they were more coherent when reading. I'm supposed to have videos made up about the interviews in an effort to further inform our board of what we do at Big I New York. I brainstormed some video formats to try and get a better idea of what is going to be filmed.

It's interesting to see videos in the more professional sense compared to what I see in the classroom. It's the same techniques it's just more relevant to what we do here at the organization. In class we make videos on gameshows, comedic YouTube content, or funny interviews around campus. Whereas here it's informational and the viewers gain knowledge on how to better their agencies and be smart in the insurance world. At the end of the day the structures aren't that far off. Hopefully tomorrow I have a phone call with a reference for the LMS we are thinking about using. If all goes well, I'll be able to create some modules and see how the software works. #typingqueen #moduleready! ​


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