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Jan 08
Corporate Female in Training

​When I do something right in my day to day work it feels good. I get a sense of accomplishment that is similar to scoring a goal and wanting to tell your friends how well you played. In the workplace it's gratifying because your team members know what it means to score that "goal" if you will. I had a phone call today where I negotiated the selling points for the plan and arranged it so that we could speak to someone about the program before we make the decision. I'm now waiting for further information so we can move forward with it. 

​Today concluded my interviews for the onboarding project I'm working on so I can take the next steps tomorrow. Similar to what I learn at Ithaca about making videos, there are so many things that have to go right before you can complete the project. I'm learning about that more here at Big I. ​In a meeting I had with our CEO I learned about being a woman in the work world and how females have to operate with more awareness than males do. Men have the privilege ​of not being called "crazy" and "out of line" as often and we have to be conscientious​ of it when functioning in the workplace. Being able to get your point across with confidence and precision is important. Reflecting on the day, I really enjoy being able to contribute to something that has power in an organization instead of a classroom. 


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