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Jan 07
LMS and Sales!

​I had a meeting today with the member engagement AVP. We talked about her role and how to sell a pencil to someone with no hands. I took away that it isn't about the selling, it's about the personal connection and helping their needs. If you engage with someone and figure out what they're struggling with you can place a solution with a service or product we provide to fix the issue. It doesn't feel like sales it feels like you are helping them improve and get better at what they're doing! 

​I also had a meeting where we sat in on a demo for an LMS. The demo was successful and we will most likely proceed with it! Getting to collaborate and learn how to mediate and contribute to a discussion is really important and helpful in the workplace. Additionally, the presentation aspect makes you stand up for what you researched and actually have information to back it which feels awesome! #successfuldayintheoffice  


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