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Dec 31
Big I for Intern

My name is Glenn, and I'm a sophomore Television-Radio Major at Ithaca College. I am interning at Big I New York for my winter break and really enjoying it so far. My official title is "Marketing Intern" and my name is even on the phone in my cubicle. I've never felt this professional before. I dress in business casual clothing and wear makeup everyday to properly fit the role. So far, I've worked on a few different projects, and it's only the start of my second week! I sent emails to people scheduling appointments to discuss my project efforts as well as left the office to get lunch without telling anyone. I've reserached​ learning management systems (LMS) and how they operate from platform to platform. Some I've seen in my college classes and I now understand why professors chose the ones they did. 

The projects I'm working on have to do with onboarding and making certain areas more attractive to people my age. Using things I've learned in school as well as researchingin the office adds a great sense of accomplishment to the things I'm doing. I'm learning more everyday and realizing that in insurance there is a spot for just about everyone!​​


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