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Feb 26
Agents Make Their Voices Heard in Albany

Advocacy Week Header.pngDuring this week's Independent Agents Advocacy Week, more than 70 independent agents conducted virtual meetings with more than 40 state legislators to call for pro-policyholder reforms. Key issues included making the auto photo inspection requirement voluntary, streamlining the process for placing coverage in the excess market, repealing the anti-arson application, and preventing no-fault insurance fraud.

The event gave Big I NY members the opportunity to meet face to face with their elected state representatives. Kelly Gonyo, owner of the Blue Line Insurance Agency said,

I am so fortunate to have been given an opportunity to use my voice to directly speak with our lawmakers who represent us in Albany. As IAs we know our industry best – It's so important to come together during this week and not only advocate for our industry, but also assure that we maintain very best interest of our valued customers. For 20 years I have been sitting behind a desk wondering how I can be part of the change for the IA in New York, and I am so thankful to Scott and the Big I team for giving me opportunity to be a part of their movement."

The week began with a major victory, when the Senate unanimously passed the legislation to streamline the excess lines process. Big I NY spent the remainder of the week lobbying members of the assembly to advance the bill in that house.

"This was a great experience for me and our local agents, I am proud to do what is best for our customers. Our state lawmakers listened to our concerns, and many of them committed to supporting our bills. As agents, we always try to be part of the solution," said Neil Levy, with Assured Partners and Chair of Big I Tri-County.

Thank you to all the agents who made their voices heard this week!​


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