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Nov 03
A Message on Election Day 2020 from Lisa Lounsbury, Big I New York President & CEO

​By Lisa Lounsbury, Big I NY President & CEO

Election day is upon us. Because this season is unlike any most of us have experienced, I shared support and a call for leadership with our staff team. I'm sharing this internal message with you now because it is my hope for all of us.

Hi Everyone,
I want to remind you that Big I New York fully supports you exercising your important right to vote.  If you have not voted yet and wish to so, please coordinate taking time to vote with your supervisor (if you go during business hours).
As you know, we are living in turbulent times right now - the pandemic, civil unrest, and political divide.  Let’s do our part to be leaders in uniting our country.  No matter the outcome of the elections, there will be upheaval.  I fear that our country will continue to focus on the things that divide us.  I challenge you to think about ways that you can support unification and healing.  Let’s lead by example and get back to some basics:
  • Unity:  United, our country is strong.  Divided, we are weak.  Let’s work to look for the common ground we share with others and not immediately jump to the differences.  Focus on the positive.

  •  Respect:  Respect for each other.  It's not to say that we have to agree, but we should treat each other with respect and dignity.  Keep in mind that you have not walked in another person's shoes and can never fully understand or appreciate how people have formed their opinions and views.  Take the high road (or the “other side of the road” as my son Garret used to say when I coached him on dealing with his sister) in your dealings.

  • Compromise:  There are few times in negotiations where one party or person achieves 100% of what they want or is correct 100% of the time.  When both parties compromise, the outcome will be stronger and more sustainable. 

  • Our differences unite us:  Our country is a beautiful country that fundamentally values the diversity within it.  Different opinions, approaches, and perspectives are critical to achieving the best results and outcomes.  Let’s celebrate our ability to be unique and express our differences. 
Be kind and be patient in the upcoming weeks.


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