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May 21
NYS DFS Delays Producer License Expirations Through July 8

​The New York State Department of Financial Services today announced that it was extending the expiration of individual insurance agent and broker licenses through July 8. The move grants producers an additional 45 days to renew their licenses.

Be aware that this extention applies to individual licenses only. It does not apply to licenses issued to business entities.

On March 25, the department announced that it was suspending the expiration of producers' licenses for 60 days, through May 24, due to anticipated difficulty for producers to meet continuing education requirements during the current pandemic. All licenses with expiration dates between those dates were automatically extended to expire on May 25. Today's announcement pushes that expiration date back to July 9. For example, a license scheduled to expire on May 22 will now expire on July 9.

Visit the Big I NY Education Calendar to find webinars that you can take to meet the continuing education credit requirements.


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