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May 18
On Our Mind...Creativity at its Peak

By Jim Lombardo, CPCU, AAI, AIM, MBA, AVP of Learning & Development

I have been enjoying very much the many different videos that people have been posting on the internet- from professional musicians working together to produce unbelievably great music (have you seen the Doobie Brothers?) to celebrities ​trying to share good news to plain ol' folk creating videos with their families.

I share these with you to point out that all is not doom and gloom!!  Creativity is at its peak!!  There are certain industries that are thriving, certain businesses that will come out stronger and new businesses will be invented.

Stay positive! Stay Strong!  Have fun and take some CE!!!​

Here are some upcoming webinars in addition to our E+O webinars​ scheduled for May 28 and May 29:

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Flood Insurance - It's Coming Your Way!!​


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