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Aug 09
Big I NY Calls on Governor to Sign Regulatory Relief Bills

imageToday, Big I NY joined twenty-five business associations and chambers of commerce in calling for Governor Cuomo to sign two bills that would reduce regulatory compliance burdens on small businesses. In a joint letter delivered to the governor and legislative leaders, the group stressed that the bills would improve the state's business climate and suppport regulatory compliance.

The first bill, A.7540-B/S.5815-C, would provide a cure period for small businesses to correct the first-time violation, rather than be required to pay a substantial fine, while also continuing to protect the public. First-time violations would not be forgiven for regulatory offenses that harm public safety, health, or the environment, violate human or civil rights laws, violate penal law, or result in loss of employee wages or benefits. 

The second bill, A.842/S.5812​, would require state agencies to consider how proposed rules would affect small businesses, including the minimum time needed to comply with any new regulations. State agencies would need to consider the practical, financial, and legal constraints for small businesses, and describe how they intend to communicate the new requirements.

These common-sense changes would help ease burdens on independent agencies and brokerages across the state. The bills, which passed both houses of the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, are expected to be delivered to the governor in the coming months. Once delivered, the governor has ten days to sign or veto the bills.


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