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Jun 10
Cybersecurity in the News

By Mary Byrnes​AAI-M, AU​, Director of Education​​

We've all recently gone through the Cybersecurity filings, Annual Certification of Compliance, and the seemingly never ending Third Party Service Provider requirements.  For many, when Cybersecurity is mentioned, those are the first things that come to mind.  There was a wake-up call to remind us all about the real crux of the Cybersecurity Matter.​

Just last week, it hit the news that the records of a medical testing lab may have been breached through a billing collections vendor that they had used.  The info was out there for about 7 months.  It's alleged that an employee of one of the firms sold the info on the dark web. It may have impacted 11.9 million customers.

Talk about a nightmare!  ​

But what does this have to do with Cybersecurity for insurance agencies?  Not to get too morose, but all of that work that you've been doing on Third Party Service Providers and making sure that they're in compliance etc. has got to now count for something.  Can you now breathe easier knowing that you questioned all of the Third Parties and that they too, should be questioning any vendors that they may use are doing the same thing?  Don't get me wrong, I know it's a pain.  But hats off to all of you who have taken it all so seriously and applied your due diligence!

Keep up the good work, we'd rather see headlines for good works done by so many of you than about...well, you know.​


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