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Jun 01
Big I NY's Photo Inspection Reform Bill Just Passed the Legislature

​The New York State Senate​ recently passed Big I NY's Auto Insurance Consumer Relief Act, our bill to make CARCO inspections optional at the discretion of insurance carriers. Earlier this year, the bill passed the Assembly. Now, all that remains is for it to be signed by the Governor. 

I want to take a moment to thank all of our agents who spoke up on this critical issue. This is a truly historic accomplishment; for over a decade this bill has never moved. Today, it is one stroke of a pen away from becoming law. 
What did it take to get here? 
Persistent pressure from agents. Dozens of meetings with state lawmakers. Hundreds of phone calls. Thousands of emails and petition signatures. Letters to the editor, tweets, and shares on social media. Organizing the support of twenty different employer associations across NY. More than anything, your passion - and frustration - carried us to the finish line.
What happens next? 
The bill must be officially "sent" to the Governor's desk by the legislature. It's not uncommon for this step to take several months. Once it hits her desk, she has ten days to sign or veto it. If signed, the bill will take effect on January 1, 2023. At that point, carriers are free to no longer require photo inspections.

Soon, we'll call on you to contact Governor Hochul and urge her to sign our bill. But for now, take a moment to savor this victory...and, of course, make a contribution to our political action committee

Scott Hobson, MPA
Assistant Vice President of Government Relations​


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