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Nov 08
3, 2, 1 With Sue Keegan: In-House Training; Grow Your WC Book of Business; Too Early for Christmas?

By Sue Keegan, AIC, MBA, Learning & Development Manager

3 Things

Are you aware that we offer what we call In-House Training?  We can put together a class for your team that's designed to cover whatever topic you have in mind.  We can also put together a group of classes to satisfy, for example, the new CE requirements.  If you're thinking it, we can do it.  We would love to discuss helping your team obtain their required CE with classes that provide content on their specific needs.   Please contact Jim Lombardo at or Sue Keegan at

It’s not too late to sign up to listen to Stephen Primiano and a special surprise guest on Wednesday, November 10th, at 11 a.m.  Stephen will present Proven Strategies for Growing Your Workers Compensation Book.  The Workers Compensation market is extremely competitive right now - there is a lot of capacity, more people, and new entries.  Join Stephen (and special guest) to learn how to grow in this market.  Free for members!

Do you have a question on Certificates of Insurance? Wondering about ridesharing? Need help with disaster planning?  Check out our Answer Center.  It is chock full of answers to these questions and so many more.

2 Ideas

Try solving a Rubik's cube while on a unicycle.  I literally can only complete one, maybe two sides of a Rubik's cube sitting on my couch.  This kid is just a darn show off.

If you haven't been able to check out the Bronx Zoo this year, check out the multiple LIVE CAMS they have set up. I am partial to the Canyon's Edge which is a live stream of their aquarium. Don't sleep on the sea lions, though. Their stream is pretty cool too.​

1 Question

Is it too early to start Christmas?  In years past I would have said yes but the pandemic has got me wanting decorations, songs, baking, presents and all things Christmas right now.  Please let me know if you agree via email at or post in our Community.


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