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Aug 23
Reminder: It's Peak Hurricane Season

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This post originally ran on Aug. 12, 2019. However, given t​his past weekend's events with Tropical Storm Henri, it's worth repeating.

Lynne McChristian of the Insurance Information Institute has an important reminder today:

Peak hurricane season has arrived. ...

Mid-August through the end of October historically is when most hurricanes form. Remember HIM? Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria made landfall between mid-August and the end of September in 2017. Two Category 4 storms and one Category 5 occurred in a matter of weeks in a season predicted to be slightly above average.Last year’s Hurricane Michael hit in late October. While this year’s latest prediction is for a “near-average season,” hurricane researchers will tell you that it only takes one hurricane making landfall near you to break the law of averages.

To that list, I would add:

This can be a very dangerous time of the year, and you don't have to be located near the Atlantic Ocean to feel the impact of a major storm. Insurance agents, this is an excellent time to contact your clients about storm preparedness. That message makes a good impression on your clients because:

  • It shows you care about their well-being
  • You don't benefit financially; the money they spend to get ready will not go to you
  • It's not an attempt to sell them anything

The northeast does not normally experience the destruction from storms that our fellow citizens in the south face, something for which we can all be grateful. However, damage to our properties and injuries and deaths are very real possibilities. A smart phone app can't help your clients prepare, but you can, and it's a great way to prove your worth to them.


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