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Aug 21
Storm Alert
What a week it's been - flooding and now a storm is tracking towards our great state. While we hope for the best, we prepare for the worst. Many lessons were learned during Superstorm Sandy. So, let's use them! Thankfully, we all have more remote systems and backups in place because of the pandemic. With a bit of planning, we can continue to serve customers best no matter what.
Not in the current storm track? It's a great time to plan ahead.
A few tips on communicating during the storm:

  • Have access to mobile phone numbers for your team with you. Ensure you don't have to log on to a system to get it.
  • If unable to access the office, as team members are taking calls, emails, and helping customers, make sure they take detailed notes on their conversation. Avoid E&O exposures!

What's the first thing a customer is going to do when disaster strikes and they need you? Call. But what if your power is out? Or you can't physically make it to the office?
  • Update your office message and voicemail with what to do if customers have damage.
  • Have a plan to forward your phones, and know how to do that remotely if possible. Make sure those responsible know they will be taking calls.
  • Ensure your team has access to carrier claims reporting numbers to provide customers.

  • Make sure at least 2 team members have login information for your website with them.
  • Update your website with how to contact your team or the client's carrier.
  • Provide any other tips on how to best handle what they may be facing (safety first, photos, etc). Update with new information as available.

Assign a team member to be the lead for social media, and have a backup.
  • Let customers know what to do if they have damage.
  • Communicate how clients may reach you.
  • Reassure your community.
  • Don't be afraid to update often, and share community resources.
Social Media

Stay safe, and let us know if you need anything!


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