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Sep 06
Carrie's Road To YALI

Follow me to YALI

C.Shaw_NextGenBadge.jpgby Carrie Shaw

Carrie_RTY_1.jpg9/6 at 2:47pm: I'm 6 hours from Grand Rapids and YALI 2023. Pulled over to do some client service on the way. How do you, as a young agent, service your clients uniquely?

Carrie_RTY_2-3.jpgUPDATE 9/6 at 5:07pm: Fun fact: it's 45 minutes faster to go through Canada to travel to Grand Rapids. I opted to stay in the U.S. and was slowed down by an RV fire on highway 90 in Ohio. Who can tell me what part of an RV policy would cover that incident?

Carrie_RTY_4.jpgUPDATE 9/6 at 6:37pm: Welcome to Michigan! Third and final state for the day. 

Carrie_RTY_5.jpgUPDATE 9/7 at 7:52am: Big I Michigan Young Agents golf tournament at The Meadows at Grand Valley State University. It's a chilly 65 degrees outside this morning... brrr.​

Carrie_RTY_6-7.jpgUPDATE 9/7 at 9:09am: A visit from Indy, the Trusted Choice mascot, at the golf tournament!

Carrie_RTY_8-9.jpgUPDATE 9/7 at 1:12pm: A big thank you to the Big I Michigan Young Agents Committee for hosting this great golf tournament! The oven mitt challenge was fun!

Carrie_RTY_10-13.jpgUPDATE 9/7 at 8:05pm: A great night... YALI Night Out included a visit from Indy, duckpin bowling and mingling with other young agents.

Carrie_RTY_14.jpgUPDATE 9/8 at 7:57am: Being on the road isn't easy, but coffee is essential. I got 2 to help me tackle client work and get ready for the conference today!

Carrie_RTY_15.jpgUPDATE 9/8 at 9:20am: YALI 2023 begins!!

Carrie_RTY_16.jpgUPDATE 9/8 at 2:46pm: Big I's YALI event brings together the best and brightest leaders from around the nation to mastermind how to solve our industries most pressing issues and strengthen our ability to inspire others together.

I am taking my career places with Big I involvement. Don't wait for your career to take you places. Be in charge.

This is a national conference with 110 young agents from around the nation and 53 of them are first-time attendees! What are you waiting for?

This panel is a little special to me. I was chosen as a mentee for the 2023 Big I Young Agent Mentorship program and my mentor, Will Lemanski of Meiers Lombardini and Lemanski is on stage sharing his gift of experience with others.

You get out what you put in, so get going!​

Carrie_RTY_17.jpgUPDATE 9/8 at 3:39pm: Networking & snacks!​

Carrie_RTY_18.jpgUPDATE 9/8 at 4:51pm: Time to recognize the work of outstanding young agents committees across the country!​


IMG_2902.jpegUPDATE 9/8 at 5:45pm: NY brings home some hardware. Way to go, NextGen!

IMG_0655.jpegUPDATE 9/9 at 9:34am: The most valuable session of the conference is the young agent idea share about what’s working and not working in their states for their young agent committees! 

Thanks for following me this week. If you’re interested in learning more, we can’t wait to hear from you!​

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