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Sep 14
On Our Mind: We've Got Your Back

By Sue Keegan​, AIC, MBA, Learning & Development Coordinator

Well, my husband’s wearing scrubs now and he’s a teacher so welcome to back to school at the Keegan household.  When I check pockets before laundry I find face masks and plastic gloves.  I end my emails with some variation of stay healthy, stay safe.  In some way or another we are all at our breaking point.  Don’t let your need for continuing education add to that.  We’ve got your back on this one.  Check out our new 15inONE Program – it’s good for all licenses (except TLA) and is a quick and easy way to get all the CE you need with no stress.  We also have a new class, Pandemic Protection, taught by our own Tim Dodge.  Sign up for this class on September 15th, and listen to Tim explain how a variety of different coverages may respond to losses arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Below you will find the links for our 15inONE Program, Tim’s Pandemic class​ and a new Crime in the Workplace class​ scheduled for September 22.  Please reach out with any questions you may have about our 15inONE Program, Tim’s class, the new crime course, or an update on back to school in the Keegan household.   In all sincerity, stay healthy, stay safe.

15 in One Program

Pandemic Protection: P&C Insurance and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Crime in the Workplace, It'll Cost You!​

Sep 08
On Our Mind…15inONE CE!

By Sue Keegan, AIC, MBA, Learning & Development Coordinator

There are not too many things better than working from home in your shorts and tee-shirt.  One that comes to mind, though, is getting 15 CE credits while at home and in your shorts and tee-shirt. 

 I am so proud and excited to tell you about our new 15inONE CE Program!  The creation of this program was my first chance at Big I to see something from start to finish, and it's been amazing.   I had no idea how many people, how many ideas, how many hours, and how many meetings it takes to successfully launch a program. 

 Our 15inONE​ CE Program consists of three components:  download and read our eBook, successfully pass our exam (no test anxiety needed – our aim isn't to trip you up) and lastly, attend a 4 hour webinar.  That's all it takes to get 15 CE credits!​

If you have found yourself nearing your license expiration date, sign up for this program.  If you want to take advantage of a DFS monitoring freeze, sign up for this program.  If you aren't even close to your license expiration but are a planner, sign up for this program.  If you want to save money on the cost of CE, sign up for this program.  Sign.  Up.  For.  This.  Program.​

 And while you're at it, consider these webinars too.​

Pandemic Protection: P&C Insuran​ce ​and the COVID-19 Pandemic     

Crime in the Workplace, It'll Cost You!

Dead or Alive: The Many F​unctions of Life Insurance

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