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The ins and outs of obtaining and maintaining an insurance producer’s license in New York.​

​Q. Why am I being charged a $10 continuing education fee when I renew my license?

 A. New York State Insurance Law requires the Department of Financial Services to collect this fee. New York Insurance Law Section 2132(j) states, "Each licensee shall pay a biennial fee of ten dollars per license, for continuing education certificate filing and recording charges, to the superintendent or, at the discretion of the superintendent, directly to an organization under contract to provide continuing education administrative services."​


Q. What licenses are required to sell Health Insurance in the Exchange?

A. Health insurance can be sold, including through the Exchange effective October 1, 2013, under the following licenses:

LA – Life, Accident & Health, Variable Life, Variable Annuities Agent 
Insurance Law 2103(a)

LB – Life Broker Insurance Law 2104(b)(1)(a)

BR – Property & Casualty Broker (all lines except life, bail bonds, annuitiesInsurance Law 2104

Please Note – A PC licensee (Property & Casualty Agent) MAY NOT sell health insurance. Insurance Law 2103(b)​

Q. Do I need a license for another state if one of my commercial lines clients has an incidental exposure there, such as a salesperson?

​A. It depends upon the state. Most states are like New York – an out-of-state producer does not need a New York license if he or she is licensed in the state where the insured has its main location, the policy insures risks in that state, and the New York exposure is not the majority of the risks insured under the policy. 
However, there are some states that require a license if there is any exposure in that state. Examples include Texas and Washington State. Check with the insurance regulators in individual states to find out what is required.​