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Carrier Contract Addendums

​Carrier Contract Addendums

​​The proliferation of separate technology contracts for independent agencies and brokerages has created quite a problem. In many cases we find contradictory provisions between the technology contract and the agency contract.
More troubling is the “click through” agreements that are frequently required to access carrier web sites or data bases. Many agencies and brokerages are inadvertently altering their ownership of expirations and work product agreements and in some cases opening themselves up to not being able to defend against E&O claims. 
We've worked hard with our attorneys to create an addendum for agents and brokers to tender to their carriers to make it clear that the agency agreement controls the relationship. We have prepared the addendum for use in two ways:​

Signed:  The preferred use would be to tender the addendum to your carrier with your signature and a place for the carrier’s signature and return to you.


UnsignedThe other way we have prepared it is for you to simply provide the addendum without signatures for addition to your agency contract.

You can access the agreements and prepare one for each of your carriers. We suggest you send the agreement to your carrier using the letter provided or some similar letter.