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Jan 16
Out of Office

Getting into the LMS and using the templates is definitely an adjustment. It's nice because there are helpful ways of seeing what each template can do and how they function. Being able to see them before I use them helps so I know how to prep the information before I put it into the platform. Planning the layout and materials needed in a word doc is helpful so that I have a map and way to go about things.

This is also my last day in the office ☹ I had a delightful lunch with two of the women from the marketing team. They make working in an office and a cubicle for that matter look like a good time. I am very grateful for being able to have this opportunity at Big I and I'm excited to continue my role from campus. I will miss the lively atmosphere the office has and all of the pleasantries of sharing cubicle walls with some rockin women. I will be blogging less frequently from my Ithaca campus so you'll hear from me again soon! Until then, Thank You Big I!! #Goodbyecubicle #Jenniferiscool #thankyou​


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