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Feb 14
Big I NY Releases 2020 Legislative Position Paper

​Big I NY has released our 2020 p​osition paper​, outlining our key priorities for this year's session. 

This year's paper outlines key victories from 2019, including the passage of "storm chasers" legislation, small business regulatory relief, and the defeat of harmful liability-expanding legislation and a bill to ban the use of lead paint exposure exclusions.

2020 position paper.PNGWe continue to push for legislation to improve Workers Compensation for our customers, by raising the payroll threshold for the Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program, and eliminating the requirement to provide 30 days' notice before withdrawing from the State Insurance Fund. As in previous years, we are calling for the repeal of the vehicle photo inspection requirement, full repeal of the anti arson application, and strongly opposing efforts to eliminate private health insurance through a single-payer healthcare system.

We have also added several new priority issues for 2020. These include protecting small businesses from a dramatic expansion of "unfair, deceptive, and abusive" practices, protecting consumers from misleading "bait and switch" auto insurance pricing, opposing a ban on lead paint exposure exclusions, and opposing the NYS Privacy Act, which would enact a sweeping and enormously burdensome and challenging "data fiduciary" standard. 

This year's position paper reflects an ambitious commitment to advancing the independent agency system and protecting the customers we serve. Moreover, it highlights the multitude of challenges facing our members in the current political environment.

Read the full 2020 Position Paper here


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