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This program is no longer being offered. A replacement program is coming later this year - stay tuned!

With our self-study, simple exam, and webinar, you'll earn 15 CE Credits while learning how to protect your agency. 
Works for all licenses except TLA.



Successfully complete both of the following parts within 4 months of each other and voila - 15 CE.

Part 1: Self Study & Exam

  • We'll give you the eBook “E&O: ROAD MAP TO POLICY ANALYSIS." Read/study it at your own pace.

  • Take and pass the final exam (don't worry - you'll be great). 

NOW is the time to do this as NYS is allowing self-monitoring for exams - which means total convenience for you!

 Bam, 11 CE.

Part 2: Webinar

  • From the comfort of...wherever you want...join Jim Lombardo & Tim Dodge for "E&O Risk Management: Updated and Meeting the Challenge of Change.

  • Sign the affidavit at the end of the awesome 4 hour class.

For your convenience, there are many dates to choose from.

Four hours of great learning and 4 more CE on the way out.

How to Qualify for Renewal Credit

Big I New York members whose E&O coverage is written by Swiss Re/Westport Insurance Corp. or Allianz through IAAC can qualify for a premium reduction credit if they meet the 2021 attendance criteria. (For All Agency Personnel, please see the E&O Coverage requirements for attendance.)

REGISTER NOW (No brainer, right?!)
Get started on your 15 CE today. While the self-study is at your own pace you will choose your desired webinar date now.  Registration for 15 in One gets you access to the entire program. Choose your self-study, exam & webinar program now (all for the fantastic price of $189)!
We're proud to offer you this great program.
Big I NY Education is the premier education partner of NY's independent insurance agents and brokers.

QUESTIONS? We've got answers.

Do I need to pass the test to get the credits? Yes. You get three tries in 30 days but we really don't think you'll need them. You have all the answers in the book so if you read/study it you should be good.

What is passing? 70%

What's the eBook about? The eBook, from IRMI is a comprehensive and clearly written book that will reinforce some traditional insurance concepts, refresh some key points and help the industry professional learn new information and techniques. 

Do I need to stay for the entire webinar? Yes again. I mean, why wouldn't you - great instructors and great information. And it's the law to get the credits. All 4 hours at one time. If you leave the webinar, you will need to return and restart from the beginning.  Also, don't forget to turn in your attendance affidavit at the end.

I need to switch my webinar date. We'll help, contact Sue Keegan  -

What do I do next? Register! After that we'll send you the links you need for your eBook, exam portal and webinar.