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State Advocacy (IAPAC)

IAPAC - Your State PAC

IAPAC (Independent Agents Policital Action Committee) is a non-partisan political action committee established by Big I New York to raise funds for contributions to candidates for elected office in New York State. IAPAC does not contribute to Federal candidates. Its primary function is to spur election of candidates to the New York Legislature who are responsive to the needs of independent agents.

Some of our current issues include:

  • Cybersecurity Regulation
  • Regulation 187
  • Increasing the payroll threshold for the Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention program
  • Scaffold Law reform 

How to contribute:

IAPAC can accept both corporate and personal checks, in addition to online contributions.

I'd like to contribute online in the amount of:

$500  $250  $100 

To contribute any amount, please send the IAPAC contribution form along with your payment to IAPAC in care of:

Big I New York
5784 Widewaters Parkway, 1st Floor
Dewitt, NY 13214