The E&O Report



July 2018: A Follow-Up to Questions Asked During the Annual E&O Telecast Seminar

During the telecast of the E&O Loss Control Seminar, we received a large number of questions from the attendees. Since we were unable to answer all of the questions submitted during the telecast seminar, we will devote this issue of The E&O Report to respond to some of the unanswered questions we received.

June 2018: NY Insurance Law Provisions That are Often the Basis for Violations Found Against Agents and Brokers by the DFS

One of the topics covered in depth at this year’s annual E&O seminars concerns the most common matters involving New York Insurance agents and brokers and the New York Department of Financial Services (“NYDFS”). So far we have presented the five live E&O seminars, and the telecast seminar that will cover all of the same topics, including the most common DFS matters, will be presented on June 6th. In case you are unable to attend any of the annual E&O seminars this year, we are devoting this issue of The E&O Report to a review of several sections of New York Insurance Law that the NYDFS frequently alleges have been violated by agents and brokers.

May 2018: The 2018 Annual E&O Loss Control Seminars

The annual E&O seminars provide important information regarding current trends and legal issues. Agents and brokers can attend the seminars in several different ways. In this issue of the E&O Report, we cover the content of during this year’s seminars, discuss when and where the seminars will be presented, and explain the 3 different ways you can attend.

April 2018: Permissible Activities of Unlicensed Employees

Many independent insurance agencies and brokerages rely upon customer service representatives (CSRs) and other unlicensed employees to assist in their day-to-day operations. In this issue, learn what tasks unlicensed CSRs may engage in and what tasks may only be performed by someone who is licensed in an agency or brokerage. 

March 2018: Additional Insured Coverage

Tips on reducing E&O exposure for insurance agents and brokers handling additional insured issues on liability policies.

February 2018

Questions about insurance coverage may spike during winter weather. Learn how to best handle questions to provide good customer service, help customers understand their coverage, and protect yourself against possible E&O claims.

January 2018

Policy language can be open to interpretation. Agents & Brokers should be mindful of how critical terms are defined or undefined in an endorsement.