Personal Umbrella Policy

​​​Underwriting Guidelines are changing as of June 1, 2018. Watch below for a quick explanation of some of the most important changes by Denise Brown-Carter.


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Up to $10 Million
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Broker's Agreement

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Why an IAAC Umbrella?

Some companies promise a great customer experience...we deliver it.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable team cares about building relationships
  • Flexible - we'll do business how you want to 
  • (we can save you time and handle everything or grant you admin privileges for on-demand access)
  • Committed to getting the job done!

The Benefits
  • Generous Commission Scale
  • Multiple Markets
  • No Premium Volume Requirement
  • Write up to $10 Million
  • Individual, Estate or Trust, High Profile, LLC, Farm Owners
  • Primary and Excess Available


Complete & return by fax (888-431-1126), e-mail ( or
mail to IAAC, Inc., Attention Denise Brown-Carter
5784 Widewaters Parkway, 1st Floor, Dewitt, NY 13214



New Business App 
Beginning 6/1/18
Underwriting Guideline changes 6/1/18​ 

Third Party Designee Form

UM/UIM Endorsement Form

Policy Provisions
Effective 7/1/15

New York

Amendatory Endorsement
Effective 7/1/15

New Jersey

Amendatory Endorsement
Effective 7/1/15


New Business App ​
Beginning 6/1/18
Underwriting Guideline changes 6/1/18​ 


Denise Brown-Carter

Denise Brown-CarterPersonal Lines Underwriter
P: 800-962-7950 EXT: 246
F: 888-431-1126

Emily Higgins

Emily HigginsUnderwriter
P: 800-962-7950 EXT: 225
F: 888-432-0510
It's fast and easy to offer RLI Personal Umbrella Insurance. To start writing the Personal Umbrella Policy through RLI, please complete the Broker's Agreement.
Benefits For Your Clients
  • Available limits up to $5 million
  • Very affordable
  • Covers above auto, home, boat, or rental properties
  • Great solution for hard to place personal lines accounts
  • RLI is admitted and A.M. Best "A+" rated
  • Immediate availability
Benefits For You
  • IIABNY members earn 10% commission on new & renewal business (PUP Special commission rate is 8% new & renewal)
  • No minimum volume requirements or access fees
  • Does not require or desire writing of the underlying policies
  • Easy online quoting
  • Electronic signatures and online credit card payments accepted for accessing agents
  • Self-underwriting application
  • Immediate availability
Watch our short "how-to" video on navigating the online RLI Personal Umbrella system:

​Exposure Exposure Count Charge Per Additional Exposure
​Vehicles in the household ​7 to 10 ​$50 per vehicle > 6
Properties in the household
(No More Than 5 Rentals)
​7 to 10 ​$50 per property > 6
​Total Drivers in the household ​7 to 8 ​$50 per driver > 6
​Moving Violations in the household ​5 to 6 ​$75 per violation > 4
​At Fault Accidents in the household ​3 ​$100 per accident > 2
​Licensed < 1 yr, Non U.S. license ​Number not to exceed eligible number of drivers based on
​$100 each person licensed <1 year
or holding a non-US license
​DUI - $500/500/50 underlying auto
limits are required. Not available to
drivers < 22 or > 79
​1 Per Household ​$250
​Drivers age 20 – 21 & 80+ with
​1 Incident Per Driver ​$100 per incident per driver
​Acreage ​0-640 Acres
641 to 1,280 Acres
No charge
$300 flat charge
​Properties outside U.S. ​5 ​$75 per property
See Full List & Additional Exposure Charge »
Download and print these free marketing materials to help promote the RLI Personal Umbrella Policy with your own clients!
If you would like to order additional materials, please contact Denise or Emily.