Share your passion for insurance with the next generation!

InVEST educates high school and college students about insurance and the wide variety of careers in the industry. For more than 45 years, InVEST volunteers have been in the classroom dispelling the age old myth that the insurance industry is old, boring and doesn’t lead to a rewarding career.

Through a hands-on education approach with a variety of lessons students get an idea of what the insurance industry really is—a rewarding and lucrative profession that allows individuals to make a difference.



The opportunity to invest in the future of your industry!

It’s no secret that we’re facing a real crisis in talent availability in our industry. For the independent agency system to have a flow of talented people available, we have to plant the seed of the career availability in young people. 

The reality is that most students don’t even have insurance on their radar when they’re choosing college majors, yet most colleges with an Insurance and Risk Management program, boast employment rates of over 90% for their graduates! 


Help students understand insurance!

A wealth of information is available to help you in the classroom, online and in the office.


The best way to interest a young person in the independent agency system is to let them see firsthand! We can help you reach out to a local high school InVEST program or a college with an Insurance & Risk Management program to offer an internship.

The intern that you hire might very well be your employee in the future!


Everyone has a story to tell! Share how and/or why you got into the business and the opportunities you found.

Or you could speak about your own role in the industry. You never know what future industry leader or insurance consumer you might inspire!


​By speaking to an InVEST class, your caring for the community will come to the foreground. Have photos taken for use on your website, in your local paper, and to send to Big I New York for publication on our website. 

Big I New York invited InVEST students from 3 local high schools on a field trip to see insurance in action! See photos


A few ideas to consider:

Sponsor a bus to get students to and from an event! InVEST classes are always being invited to attend I-Day or site visits but they are unable to because transportation is an issue within the school district.


Provide business cards for InVEST students who are attending I-Day events so that they can present a professional image and participate in the drawings.


Invite an InVEST class to do job shadowing at your agency. 


Do you know a school board member, business teacher, or a career counselor at a local high school or have a contact in a community college’s business or college placement departments?

Give us a call & we can talk to them together about the benefits of starting an InVEST program.

See list of current programs


Another great way to get in front of the next generation is by representing InVEST at a High School or College Career Fair. 

We can help you reach out to the school & also provide some great handout materials. 


Reach recruits who know insurance!

The InVEST job board is a great way to find entry level, passionate help.


Mary Byrnes

Mary ByrnesDirector of Education
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