L Day


Ma​rch 6, 2018  |  Albany, NY

Make a difference for your business in Albany

LDay_Photos.pngMembers have spoken and we’ve listened. That’s why we’re introducing a newer, leaner, impactful version of Big I New York’s premier legislative event.

Our legislative day, or “L Day”, brings agents and their elected representatives together to discuss the priority issues for our industry. Legislators want to hear from you about issues affecting your business and your ability to succeed in New York’s business climate. 

Based upon your feedback we’re planning an abbreviated legislative day, focusing on appointments with legislators. You'll make the most of your time in Albany and quickly get back to your business. Our committee of agents, representing all regions of the state and chaired by Big I NY director Ron Brunell, is planning this exciting event.

L Day makes a difference. We hope that you can join fellow agents in Albany on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 as its success depends on you.

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​Tuesday, March 6, 2018​

9:30  - 10:00 am: Briefing
Meeting Room 5, Empire State Plaza Convention Center

10:00 am - 1:00 pm: Meetings with Legislators

Note: There will be no formal lunch. 
Based on member feedback we have streamlined the program so you can accomplish your visits and get back on the road for a reasonable time to return home.

​Your Day in Albany is Right Around the Corner

L Day - your day in Albany to bring our industry's message to legislators - is just around the corner. Hosted by Big I New York, this one-day event is your opportunity to tell legislators face-to-face about the real issues that impact your customers and your livelihood. You don't need to be an expert; you can show your support with your presence.

Big I New York will provide you with all the information you need to discuss the important issues, including scaffold law reform, improvements to the workplace safety program, and proposed regulatory amendments that could have a devastating impact on members selling life insurance. Legislators listen when their constituents take the time to come to Albany. Don't leave it to someone else...the more who attend from every part of the state, the better represented we are.

​When you come to Albany, there will be an informative briefing to provide you with the latest information, along with detailed handouts that include talking points for each issue. Most groups appoint a spokesperson to lead the discussion.