Paid Family Leave

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Information and resources pertaining to the New York Paid Family Leave Program.

What is it and how does it work?

New York Paid Family Leave

New York Paid Family Leave: How it Works

Paid Family Leave and Sick Days in the U.S.: Findings from the 2016 Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits Survey

Paid Family Leave (New York State Insurance Fund)

Paid Family Leave Employer and Employee Forms

Additional resources

LiDAC, IIABNY's marketing partner for employee benefits, has prepared a series of informational bulletins on the components of the Paid Family Leave law.

Full Broker Highlights  |  Introduction  |  Conditions for Paid Family Leave  |  Eligibility  |  Schedule of Benefits  |  PFL Rates and Contributions  |  Income Tax & Withholdings  |  Employer Considerations  |  Self-Insured Employers  |  Employee Considerations  |  Agent and Broker  |  Insurance Carriers  |  DBL vs. PFL Benefit Comparison

New York State Regulations: